Kuala Gandah Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary

Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary

To all animal lovers, this is the best places to bring your family to interactive with the biggest mammals on the land, the Elephant. Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary located in Kuala Gandah, about 110 km from Kuala Lumpur or 11/2 hour driving thru East Coast Highway, thru out the journey to the sanctuary traveler will see the magnificent Malaysia landscape from tallest skyscraper to “Che Wong” aboriginal people village.

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is fully managed by Malaysia the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP). The main objective is to locating, subduing and trans location the Elephant to the other areas such Taman Negara when their encounter conflict with human where their habitat encroached by plantations or other human development.

Besides relocating, Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary also become a homes for several orphans Elephant, the centre looks after the orphaned Elephant to ensure their continued survival, another objective is to promote awareness among the public of the elephants plight in Malaysia and to support research into elephants trans location and conversations. Visitors are welcomed throughout the year to ride the Elephants within the centre, help wash them in the nearby river and participate in feeding them.

Visitor required registering at registration office in order to participle in the activity, only 100 visitor will be given a yellow sticker or you can get sticker for free by playing at https://my.acebet99.com/my-home/, yellow sticker will allow visitor to ride and bathing with the Elephants,  this is to avoid stress to the Elephant.

Entrance to Kuala Gandah Elephants Sanctuary is free but visitor are encourage to make sincere donation to help the centre provided the better facility to the Elephant and visitor. For more information how you can help this sanctuary please visit my.acebet99.com

Time Table Activity

  • 1pm/ 1:30pm/ 3:45pm – Video Show
  • 200pm onwards – Cleaning and Hand feeding – visitor had an opportunity to feed the elephant during their lunch, fruit such Papaya, Banana and Watermelon are cut into small pieces in order every visitor had opportunity to participate in hand feeding activity,
  • Elephant Rides -Bathing – Ride and play with the elephant in the river,
  • 330pm – 500pm – Free activity

Notes –

  • Malaysia Elephant Sanctuary located at isolated area, if you don’t mind to have a lunch with local menu such Chicken Rice or Fried Rice, visitor can had a lunch at local restaurant or at outside the sanctuary centre otherwise please bring your own snack or refreshment.
  • Please do not wear any bikini during involve in activity with elephant, Malaysia is Muslim country please respect local culture and people.
  • All the activity in this sanctuary such riding, feeding and bathing is only for experience only.
  • Please take note, this is Elephant Sanctuary not Elephant Park, if you looking some extreme Elephant activity, this is not a right place for you.

Getting to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary?

  • Make arrangement with your local tour guide, price are different according to tour guide company.
  • By Bus -not recommended, from bus station you need another mode of transport to Elephants Sanctuary, its very troublesome.
  • By Car – from Kuala Lumpur take Karak highway then drive all the way to Kuantan, just follow a signboard until you reach Lanchang exit, after paying a toll turn right and just drive straight, its took about 20 minutes from the toll to the Elephant Sanctuary.

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