Discover Malaysian Cuisine Of Malaysia

Malaysian cuisine reflects the multi-ethnic characteristics and multi-lingual country. A country with many cultures blend creates dishes both traditional and modern with many visitors.

Malaysian cuisine

Before exploring the cultural distinctions of Malaysian food, we’ll start with a few general characteristics of the dish is easy to see when you travel here as:

  • The Malaysian cuisine is often described as fragrant and very stimulating appetite.
  • Use spices and herbs.
  • Quite spicy, fatty and slightly sweet.
  • The dishes are often prepared with sauces, flavored broth prepared from characterized as curry powder, ..
  • Less use pork. Since most people in Malaysia are mainly Muslim. Instead, chicken and beef.
  • There are many fried and steamed.

Traditional Malaysian dishes

Most visitors, in addition to discover lands, strange historic sites, enjoy landscape, they also wish to enjoy the delicious food; for food lovers, the best place is lounge area of where they make you believe that the tradition of every destination they come special Traditional Malaysian dishes.

Malaysia is not exception. Not only that, people here still cook traditional Malaysian food to attract more tourists from everywhere. If Malaysia travel, do not forget to enjoy the following dishes:

Satay dishes: Satay is a traditional appetizer of Malaysia quite popular here. Guests can easily find this dish from roadside or luxury restaurants. Satay is made from chicken or beef, marinated characteristic spices. Then fry up. Is eaten with rice balls, peanuts, onions, cucumber and sauce made from a combination of onions, garlic…

Satay is a traditional appetizer of Malaysia

Nasi Lemak: Also called fat rice is a traditional Malaysian dish. Rice is cooked from coconut milk and pineapple. Nasi Lemak is eaten with cucumber, roasted peanuts, dried fish, beef curry and rice paper. Often used when it still hot. A little spicy, a little fat in coconut milk and flavor of pineapple creating attractive irresistible to many tourists to this place.

Nasi Lemak

Roti canai: As a Malaysian cuisine cake originating from India. Made from wheat flour dough and rolled, then sauté. Cake is not too fat which again has a soft. This dish is usually served with curry in the morning.

Roti canai Malaysian cuisine cake originating from India.

Teh Tarik tea: Speaking to traditional dishes of Malaysia cuisine can not forget to mention toTeh Tarik tea. A traditional drink of the people here. Tarik TraTeh means “gulp”.

Traditional dishes of Malaysia cuisine can not forget to mention toTeh Tarik tea.

Made from tea and milk, then mix until it is foaming. Mixing and how to enjoy this tea has been held every year to pick the tea artisans and attract tourists visit this place.

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