Lost Phone? What Would You Do

There is no reason, you should think of negative but let’s think of that for a moment; What will you do if you lose your mobile. Remember, if you are not prepared and do not have a clue, no matter how hard you try to find out how to track a stolen phone, you’ll probably end up getting frustrated. Here is an article published by geolocaliserunportable.fr which is reputed for tracing mobile phone using localiser un telephone.

Taking insurance for phone might look for you be the best idea always as they will do the replacement in case of theft and damage.  It’s worth making insurance this will happen with less monthly fees and this is going to vary based of the price of the phone. If you have dropped it somewhere are your screen is locked then it won’t be possible for the person you contact you on his own, so better set message on  screen with your phone number and email address but don’t give house address as you don’t know what kind of person he or she is.

In android you should go to setting section in the menu, pick security and location, next you have to click on the cog option which is next to lock screen after the screen message. In IOS you have to use health app, click on medical ID then leave emergency contact. When you lose your phone its important that we track it fast for that you should know the account details completely and you have to use 2 set of authentication method you successfully login to your account from other device to track the phone. Its tough to login without one-time code which will be sent to lost phone so its best the you have another alternative method to access you account. Incase of google its little easy as it will let you get back up code so that you can use your two-factor procedure and set up secondary number.

These steps must go long way for making things easy on you when you lose your phone. But there is some other thing that you can do when it gone for good. First thing you do after losing your mobile is borrowing someone’s phone contact network operator they will track if someone is using your phone for messages and calls of for other actions. Network operator will lock that sim on your request and that can be unlocked when you need it.

Report complaint with police as the chance of you finding your phone and getting succeeded is very less but it will be impossible if you don’t report to police. Give them a chance to find it you will lucky if you get it back with their help so its better to give a try than to panic what to do. There is even application available in the market which help you in track your phone easily you have to choose right application and use it.

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